VaulCard - Enterprise card and wallet management system


Electronic Wallets and Mobile Wallets are becoming common with an aim to reduce our dependency on plastic cards and paper cash. VaulCard’s flexibility enables it to launch mobile and electronic wallets for different industries including telecommunication, infrastructure, financial institutions, and other third-parties using standards-based and proprietary protocols. VaulCard enables service providers to offer a broad range of new and innovative services to their customers and clients through point of sales devices, mobile applications, or through latest technologies like iBeacon, Bluetooth LE, QR codes.


In financial systems, a one-stop-shop is preferred; having a single system to support all the aspects of cards makes support, development and integration, seamless and cost effective. Vaulcard acts as a powerful and flexible card management system which is capable of launching products adaptable to new and challenging markets. Vaulcard can introduce multiple international brands of cards, while coping with volume and operational costs. All and any types of cards are supported by VaulCard including Credit, Debit, Pre-paid, Gift, Fleet and Loyalty.

Smart Issuing

VaulSmart supports cryptographic cards often called smart cards for different types of cards including credit, debit, gift, fleet and loyalty. The card management system enables card issuers to centrally manage the complete life cycle of an unlimited number of smart cards. The system also performs clearing and settlement reports as per the specific card scheme. The risk management is also part of our smart CMS where the issuer can define actions based on the suspicious transactions reporting, manage the EMV risk profile, automate the card profiling, and define a stop list and action management.

HSM Integration

VaulSmart provides key management through any market leading HSM during the card data preparation and personalization. We also provide instant and bulk EMV card printers in partnership with leading brand of printers around the world.


Vaulsys smart perso solution is a web-based host to help issuers create their personalized chip program. It helps issuers generate chip parameters and values that represent their business and risk requirements for chip application. We also provide instant and bulk EMV card printers in partnership with leading brand of printers around the world.