Fraud Management

The evolving fraud landscape around banking and the increase in fraud-related losses requires automated detection systems and robust fraud defense processes. VaulGurd helps financial services firms transform their fraud management capabilities, lower costs and greater protection for customers and their reputation. Combining the deep banking and business information management expertise of Vaulsys our Global Fraud Management solution provides financial institution with unrivaled, integrated capabilities to detect, prevent and manage fraud and financial crime across all lines of transaction processing.


Financial crimes are increasing around the world because of organized crime, drug and human trafficking, smuggling and sanctions. If an organization does not have a solid Anti Money Laundering system then they could face penalties and sanctions in addition to losing their reputation. VaulGuard profiles organizations, and people based on their information at the account opening process and during the entire customer life cycle. The system integrates with external systems to get any information that could help with the profiling. VaulGuard is more than a standard KYC (Know Your Customer) solutions, it uses a detailed risk matrix dashboard including the risk status, range and count to ensure full customer profile awareness. The system offers complete flexibility; including the ability to add search criteria filters (at simple, advanced, column, identity, address, country or risk level) or create, amend or delete assessments.