Omni channel switch

In today’s world your customers want to be able to transact on various devices. They want to be able to use whatever method of payment is convenient for them at that time and they want access to the same information and products across all their payment devices. Your bank might want to offer services to these customers that desire multiple devices for their payment options. It is difficult to provide these services with a legacy environment. A single integrated system for all devices to interact seamlessly with each other is what Vaulsys offer through our Omni-channel suite. We effectively creates a single virtual channel by configuring all the channels to provide a customer centric view to the banks and Financial Institutions while giving customers the options of transacting through multiple devices with the same experience.

ATM controller

Customers are demanding high availability of ATMs. The need for back end payment systems that support these terminals to run 24x7 can challenge an organization to effectively manage their SST network. In order to meet the ever growing demands of customers and the challenge of providing an adequate supply of cash, VaulPay can offer an ATM controller which in addition to driving a large network of ATMs, also provides 24x7 availability by extracting knowledge from transactions, proactive troubleshooting and adopting agile recovery processes.

POS controller

POS terminals have moved from being a purchase only device to a multipurpose transactions processor at the retailers. The evolution of POS terminals from having a traditional magnet stripe and a chip card reader to becoming an NFC reader, an MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) reader and a QR reader has enhanced the customer experience. VaulPay as a POS controller provides services through industry standard POS Protocols as can be found on the widest range of terminals. As with the other card related modules Vaulsys POS controller is fully compliant with industry and payment network mandates and has been tested against the major brands of POS terminals around the world.

Payment Gateway

Since the advent of the internet, online services have become a norm and people are demanding more and more services from each and every sector and industry. Banks are no exception and retaining customers on the basis of conventional banking in not possible in today's competitive environment. Customers demand convenience and ease of access to their banking services on the web. VaulPay as an Internet Payment Gateway ensures continuous delivery of retail and payment services to the bank’s customers in a manner that is personalized, cost-effective, efficient, and most importantly, secure.

Distributed Switching

When banks decide to migrate from a legacy system they are faced with multiple challenges and also resistance from the staff which have hands on experience and are used to working with their existing systems. Vaulsys offers a distributive switching concepts to banks where the banks are not faced with the decision of either/or or neither/nor. VaulPay can run in parallel and offer some of the features and functions of the legacy environment in addition to new features and functions. The open architecture makes VaulPay easier to integrate with other switches, Core Banking systems and any other 3rd party middlewares.