VaulSim - Middleware for Mobile Financial Services

Agency Banking/Digital Banking/Payments Apps/Banking Apps

Emerging markets that lack a comprehensive banking infrastructure face significant challenges when it comes to delivering banking services to the population unless, the population is highly mobile penetrated. Financial Institutions now have the opportunity to financially include the un(der) banked population buy offering agency banking through VaulSim on their mobile phones. VaulSim enables agents to provide financial services to mobile penetrated populations under a valid agency agreement, rather than a teller/cashier. An agent is a bank/telco representative that owns an outlet that conducts banking transactions, while acting as a key role in financial inclusion.

In markets that are significantly banked, VaulSim can offer Digital Banking to any organization looking to launch its own Digital/Neo/Challenger bank. The app comes with a portal for the organization to have a holistic view of the customers, their behavior and financial information.

Merchant Portal

An Online portal dedicated for employees of a bank and that can be extended to merchants can be a very helpful tool in enabling e-commerce, merchant management and agent management. VaulSim offers a merchant portal which is web based and can be accessed by different users by assigning them different roles and rights. Our Merchant Management solution delivers a superior level of service to the merchants and acquirers. Merchant management helps retailers to easily process their payments and manage their relationship with acquirers.