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Digital (APIs)

IT infrastructure problems are becoming dangerously common among big banks. According to Gartner, at least one UK bank suffered an IT failure every day during the last three quarters of 2018. TSB’s outage, which left nearly 2M customers locked out of their accounts and cost the bank £330M, demonstrates how problematic these IT issues can be to both banks and consumers.

Vaulsys has developed an API based microservices platform to offer rapid digital solutions to banks and finaicial institutions. Vaulsys microservice allows the continuous delivery of large and complex software applications. It also enables an organization to innovate on its technology stack and establish a comprehensive digital strategy. We have built over 150 API based microservices and these microservices can be accessed easily via any API gateway or through Vaulsys API gateway.

  • Security

  • Latency

  • Service Discovery

  • Response Caching

  • Load Balancing

  • Query Transformation

  • IP whitelisting