3D secure your online merchants and buyers

Online Payments

As we head into a digital direction, the trend of moving customers and their transactions from ‘brick and mortar’ to online and mobile transactions is on the rise. Financial institutions require the secure implementation of Access Control Servers (ACS) for 3DSecure authentication, and offer a secure payment gateway for Merchants to Plug-In on their platforms. While Artificial Intelligence gives insight into the consumer habits and contributes to fraud prevention, offline orders are turning into online orders which are being delivered by drones with no human intervention.

Vaulsys offers online payments system to banks and merchants by offering a front office integration widget to the merchants and a back office system to the banks. The backend system hosted by the bank or offered on cloud hosts the database and also has certified modules to connect to card schemes like Visa, Maser Card and Union Pay. The system also offers 3DS capability for an enhanced security on CNP transactions.

  • Transaction Processing

  • Shopping cart

  • Management

  • Multi Shop support

  • Member Bank Portal

  • Tokenization

  • Reports

  • Settlements