Provide real time fraud prevention and KYC

Fraud Management

Financial institutions are processing payments from number of different channels and the channels are likely to grow in the future. All these channels with different protocols and message formats have to be monitored for fraud and money laundering 24/7/365. This creates a significant number of challenges for organizations processing transactions, as they need to detect in real-time any possible fraudulent transaction. These payment processors should be equipped with a system to alert customers of suspicious transactions or behavior or their own back end staff to take action on a specific threat.

Vaulsys has built a Fraud and AML solution for the banking and financial industry by closely working with the industry and security experts. We profile organizations, networks and people based on their information at the account opening process and during the entire customer life cycle. Vaulsys helps financial services firms transform their fraud management capabilities, lower costs and increase protection for customers by employing modern machine learning tools, which significantly improves the effectiveness or fraud mitigations.

  • AML

  • Fraud

  • KYC

  • Screening

  • Risk Assessment

  • Transaction Monitoring

  • Case management

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