Seamless Payments and
Smart Fraud Prevention

Vaulsys provides innovative payment and fraud management options on all physical and digital payment touch points through an open platform.

Vaulsys Products

Smart phones have significantly affected the way people live their lives. Mobiles are now being used for business, gaming, fitness, education, learning, health, banking and much more. With the right apps on a smart phone life gets better. VaulSim decided to take this idea and make it a reality by developing a middleware to launch payment and banking applications rapidly. We offer a range of mobile financial services with built in tools like the chat engine, QR generator, NFC processors, and On-us and Off-us wallet handler. VaulSim combines the capabilities of mobile and APIs to offer mobile apps combined with a comprehensive merchant/agent management portal.

Innovation in Digital Payments

Digital (APIs)

IT infrastructure problems are becoming dangerously common among big banks. According to Gartner, at least one UK bank suffered an IT failure every day during the last three quarters of 2018. TSB’s outage, which left nearly 2M customers locked out of their accounts and cost the bank £330M, demonstrates how problematic these IT issues can be to both banks and consumers.

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Mobile Financial

Mobile is becoming one of the popular channels for banking and payments with an expected volume of $503 billion in year 2020. A growing portion of the world’s population is making mobile bases transactions. Small and large financial institutions are realizing the importance of adapting a mobile payments solution. While some businesses view mobile as their mainstream payment channel, others find it necessary to be a part of their digital strategy.

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Financial Institutions and Payment services providers offering acquiring services through physical or digital channels now consider transaction processing as a commodity. The continuous change in customer preference and behavior has made it challenging for merchants and acquirers to offer diverse products on a single platform.

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Cards, both physical and virtual combined are still the main instruments being used to make non-cash payments. In addition to the traditional use of card as a payment instrument, financial institutions issuing cards are using cards for microfinance loans, wage disbursement, remittance, multi-currency, fleet and loyalty.

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Online Payments

As we head into a digital direction, the trend of moving customers and their transactions from ‘brick and mortar’ to online and mobile transactions is on the rise. Financial institutions require the secure implementation of Access Control Servers (ACS) for 3DSecure authentication, and offer a secure payment gateway for Merchants to Plug-In on their platforms.

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Fraud Management

Financial institutions are processing payments from number of different channels and the channels are likely to grow in the future. All these channels with different protocols and message formats have to be monitored for fraud and money laundering 24/7/365. This creates a significant number of challenges for organizations processing transactions, as they need to detect in real-time any possible fraudulent transaction.

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