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About Us

The payments landscape is shifting rapidly and ideas are becoming realities as companies innovate seamlessly to find new methods of payments to constantly meet the high demands of their customers. Businesses are now looking for a one-stop shop, a single point of contact to cater to their payment needs. Vaulsys took a holistic approach in delivering the payment services across multiple channels. From customization and installation of all the delivery channels (POS, ATMs, Internet Gateways, and etc), to designing powerful software solutions to serve as middleware and backend systems, and to setting up the connectivity and network from the front office all the way to back office, Vaulsys brings a new concept to the payments industry of becoming a single most trusted partner to fulfill all the payments needs of any business.

At Vaulsys, we visualized a world of payments full of unique challenges, increased pressures, higher regulations and diverse customer preference giving rise to a whole set of opportunties to improve the very eco-system of payments. This defined our vision to build a fintech powerhouse to cater to the needs of the payment industry, enhance the business of banks, financial institutions and enterprises and in turn, improve the lives of people. We aim at servicing each and every touch point where money could change hands physically, electronically or virtually.

Persistent on greater accomplishments and committed to higher customer satisfaction, Vaulsys improves the performance of its clients by mobilizing the right set of skills and technologies.